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Country Garden hit hundred billion sales

Country Garden Holdings has surpassed its annual sales target of RMB62 billion (RM33 billion), making it the latest member of China’s hundred billion sales real estate developers following China Vanke, China Poly Real Estate and China Overseas Land. On 5 … Continue reading

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Nusantara Prima Premium Superlink Launched

  Nusajaya Iskandar Malaysia New Freehold Furnished Landed Superlink 24×70 ft Terrace (phase 2B) for Sale at RM566K or SGD222K, 10 min direct highway drive from Tuas 2nd link – where to find? Phase 3A Superlink houses from RM530K are … Continue reading

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Would there be property bubble in Iskandar?

No property bubble brewing in Iskandar, which is at ‘take-off’ point…. One place they have had their eyes on for several years now is Iskandar, Malaysia which they think it could be viewed as an example of the potential bubble … Continue reading

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Iskandar Waterfront Holdings gets the task of remaking Johor Baru

  – IWH’s over 1619ha forms part of Iskandar Malaysia’s 221,707ha and Iskandar is being built into a metropolis of the south. With the developments taking shape in Iskandar from theme parks to an edu-city and a water front city, … Continue reading

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Second big China developer enticed into Iskandar Malaysia

CHINA-BASED property developer, Country Garden Holdings Co Ltd, has acquired 11 hectares of prime waterfront land in Danga Bay, Johor Baru, for almost RM1 billion from Iskandar Waterfront Holdings Sdn Bhd. “The land purchase is the first and biggest investment to … Continue reading

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柔南特区吸资全马之冠 – Iskandar Malaysia’s attraction for investment keep rising…

From Nanyang.com for our Chinese readers – great momentum as there are good news on Iskandar Malaysia, especially Nusajaya, every week from all fronts: 我国共有13个自由贸易区和18个工业园区,都是国家经济发展的基石,也是拉近城乡发展距离的桥梁。 在众多贸易区和工业园区中,就数在6年前面市、坐落在柔佛南部的依斯干达经济特区发展最为迅速。 根据绿地投资(Greenfield Investment)调查研究机构———fDiMarkets针对大马在2003年至2012年的调查显示,柔佛是继吉隆坡之后,吸引最多计划资金的地区。 在调查的9年内,大马共引来1565项绿地投资,当中的53项的投资地点为柔佛,而吉隆坡则录得423项。 在同期,柔佛招来的外资公司占全马4.6%,同期录得总值42亿美元(约129亿令吉)、涵盖生产、产业发展、基建、休闲和旅游的投资项目价值。 决定兴建与新加坡只有一水之隔的依斯干达特区目的,是为了刺激和稳定柔佛南区的经济发展。 发展局宣传推销单位 政府就此设下目标,希望柔佛南区在2025年时,能够保持8%国内生产总值(GDP)增长。 政府也特别成立了依斯干达特区发展局,担任该区投资潜能的宣传推销单位,并立下吸引1.157兆美元(约3.54兆令吉)投资总额目标。 依斯干达特区发展局总执行长拿督依斯迈依布拉欣说,该局为特区招来不少资金,包括为2006年至2010年首期建筑工程招来总值218亿美元(约667亿令吉)。 “这大大超越了原本定下的147亿美元(约450亿令吉)目标。” 去年吸纳327亿外资 依斯干达特区去年吸引了107亿美元(约327亿令吉)的外资投资,相比起2006年录得的72亿美元(约220亿令吉)高出48.6%。 计划长达20年 “我们在2011年内招来了48亿(约147亿令吉)的新投资资金,这相等于2011年至2015年目标的21%。” … Continue reading

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