Growing friendship in Greater Singapore of Iskandar Malaysia.


Iskandar Malaysia, once regarded by Singaporeans as a backwater haven for car thieves, is now considered as a property investment hotspot, and a beacon of cooperation between two former rivals – Malaysia and Singapore.

In fact, mega projects are sprouting all over the region, including the towering Astaka complex, which is expected to be completed by 2017. Expatriates working in Singapore are also snapping up properties in Iskandar due its proximity and cheaper prices – a trend that has been sustained by soaring costs in Singapore.

For example, Anthony Phillips relocated his family there as tuition fees are more affordable, home prices are 50 percent cheaper compared to that in Singapore, and travel time only takes 30 minutes.

“Last year’s move to Iskandar has been a great success all round. Iskandar offers the best of both worlds,” he enthused.

Moreover, the Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) announced that the region has attracted US$40.5 billion (RM132.84 billion) worth of investment commitments in October.

At present, the region is now famous for its Legoland theme park and the branded shopping, while ongoing projects include Pinewood Studios and Edu-city, which houses several prestigious European universities under one campus. A Singaporean-funded Motorsports City, with a driving school and racing circuits is also under construction.

IRDA CEO Datuk Ismail Ibrahim, noted that Iskandar is now a testament of Singapore and Malaysia’s blossoming ties.

“We like to describe our relationship with Singapore with this simple term: co-opetition — we compete, but at the same time we cooperate.”

People from KL are calling Iskandar Malaysia the Greater Singapore, while Singaporeans are calling it Mini Singapore. The mission of transforming this region into a Metropolis city is getting more realistic by the months. People and developers from China like Zhuo Da,  Country Garden and Guangzhuo R&F are pumping billions into Iskandar. So are many KL and Singapore based developers, together with the support of the 2 two government linked bodies who jointly develop Afiniti Medini, the Duo Residences in Singapore and the pending Avira Wellness Resort and the A2 Island at Danga Bay/Nusajaya junction.

Look for Vantage Bay at Tanjung Puteri, Motorsports City, Ascendas Tech Park,  Medini Media Village by LINK THM,  iMedini Walk by Tang Group and another triple towers, next to Afiniti Medini by the Centurion Group You have yet to witness the Best of Iskandar! Take heart – stay invested and stay interested! Be updated via this blog – and invest via our agency Metro Homes Iskandar…..

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