Third Singapore-Malaysia link

The construction cost of the proposed third link that will connect Singapore and Johor could stand at around RM20 billion, depending on the bridge’s starting points in both countries as well as the project structure, according to media reports.

Malaysia is looking at constructing the bridge in Pengerang or Pasir Gudang, and have Singapore link it to either Tampines, Changi or Punggol, according to people with first-hand knowledge on the matter.

Notably, the distance between Changi and Pengerang is longer compared to that from Changi to Pasir Gudang, which is around 2km.

If the line is built from Changi to Pasir Gudang via a bridge over water, the construction cost would stand at between RM3 billion and RM4 billion.

“If the government decides to build a tunnel between the two points, the cost will increase by threefold to around RM12 billion,” said the source at a recent highway conference.

The third bridge will have a construction cost of around RM20 billion if Malaysia opts to build a tunnel from Changi to Pengerang, noted the source.

“A tunnel will cost three times more than a suspension bridge. The government will do a feasibility study on the project. It will be good for both Malaysia and Singapore as traffic at the Causeway and the Tanjung KupangTuas Second Link is getting heavy,” added the source.

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