Medini Commercial Incentives – Own a Piece of Your Own

Why Medini Commercial?
Meridin@Medini Commercial Retail cum Office Spaces for Sale
Institutional investors that qualify to operate in Medini are entitled to an array of attractive incentives. The strength of these incentives has helped to attract major brand names to Iskandar Investment’s landbank, moving us closer to our goal of generating a critical mass in the area.
  • Businesses are entitled to 10 years exemption from corporate tax
  • Non-Malaysians are entitled to purchase property valued under RM500K
  • Non-Malaysians are entitled to 100% Foreign Ownership
  • Businesses have the flexibility to employ Knowledge Workers for companies with IDR status, as well as those with Approved Developers and Approved Development Managers status
  • Businesses are allowed to source capital globally
Medini Incentive Support Package IDR-status Companies
a) Income tax exemption (10 years) for qualifying
activities* conducted within approved node and
outside Malaysia
b) Withholding tax exemption (10 years) for services and
c) Exemption from RPGT on disposal of land and
Option for 100% ITA for 5 years to be set off against
100% of statutory income
Tax exemption to include income derived from within
IM and anywhere in Malaysia as follows:
– can derive up to 100% from within IM
– against the total revenue from IM, a maximum of
20% from anyway in Malaysia
[only for first 3 years of operations]
Import duty/ sales tax exemption
Focused 6 Service Sectors and sub-sectors for IDR-status:
Tourism :
 • Hotels
• Theme parks, amusement &
family entertainment and
cultural centres
• Conference and exhibition
• Regional operation of hotel and
leisure services
Healthcare :
Hospital & Alternative Medicine
Integrated dental and
orthodontic services
• Ambulatory services
• Healthcare R&D
• Integrated lab services
Universities & colleges
• Skills trainings institutes
• R&D institutions
• Regional training centres
Creative and design services
• Films and TV
• Digital applications and content
• Games and animation
• Integrated media and content
• Distribution and marketing of
creative content
• Visual and performing arts
Financial :
Islamic financial services
• Business Process
Outsourcing/ offshoring
• Corporate consultancy and
Integrated supply chain
• High value supply chain
services and solutions
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