Nusajaya Iskandar will benefit from Tuas Mega Port

 The envisioned consolidated container port will handle 65 million TEUs annually. Expect this to boost the population and house prices growth in Nusajaya Iskandar Malaysia.

Minister for Transport Lui Tuck Yew said the development of Tuas Port will be a long-term project that takes place in phases. “We expect the first set of berths at Tuas to be operational in about 10 years’ time.”

Mr. Lui stressed that “consolidating our port in one location will enable us to achieve greater efficiency and economies of scale” and that “Tuas provides a suitable location because of its sheltered deep waters and proximity to both our major industrial areas and international shipping routes.”

“Currently, we have five container terminals – Brani, Keppel, Tanjong Pagar, Pasir Panjang Terminal 1 and Pasir Panjang Terminal 2. To support transhipment operations, there is often a need to move containers between these terminals by trucks. This adds to the time taken and business costs for port operations, as well as congestion on our roads. Consolidation will eliminate this need for inter-terminal haulage,” Mr. Lui said.

“The new port will also provide us a clean slate and the opportunity to introduce even more advanced technology and processes to meet future challenges. Our new port must be able to handle future generations of container ships that are likely to be even larger and more complex than the ships today,” he added.

“We might need to cater to a growing fleet of ships that are powered by LNG and other alternative fuels. Also, given our land and manpower constraints, we have to strive for even greater efficiency and productivity. In this regard, MPA and PSA jointly launched the Port Technology Research and Development Program in April last year. The programme is studying automated container port systems, optimization techniques and technologies, and green port technologies, among others. We will be able to deploy some of the outcomes of these projects at Tuas Port,” said further.

Mr. Lui also pointed out that “consolidation at Tuas will also free up prime land, which our City Terminals and Pasir Panjang Terminal are currently occupying, for re-development.”

“As with the expansion of Pasir Panjang Terminal, we will develop Tuas Port in a sustainable manner and take all necessary steps to address any environmental impact,” he added.

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