How will the Johor Bahru – Singapore MRT Link Impact Property Prices


I had an opportunity to attend the Tender Briefing for the Johor Bahru-Singapore Rapid Transit Link Joint Engineering Study on 02 Dec 2011 in Johor Bahru. Some key take aways:

Terminal Locations

  • JB Central (below ground/multi-modal exchange with KTM rail)
  • Republic Polytechnic station in Singapore (the last station on the Thomson line).


  • 4km in total

Customs Immigration Quarantine (CIQ)

  • Co-located at both ends (ie person departing from Singapore will go through CIQ at Singapore only. There will be no CIQ on entry into Malaysia. Same applies when departing Malaysia).

Engineering Study scope

  • Rail path alignment
  • Bridge or Tunnel
  • Cost & Timeline
  • Terminal stations at both ends

Real Estate Implications

Opening this public transport link impacts real estate markets in both countries. Now its even more convenient to work in Singapore and live in Johor. It’s already happening for those with cars and motor bikes. Next it will be workers depending on a good public transport network.

My real estate source on ground mentioned some weeks back that property prices near proposed KTM stations in Johor Bahru have appreciated 50% from two years ago.  News of the engineering study going ahead could propel prices further.

Rail Network Within Iskandar Malaysia & Future Connection at Tuas

The future rail network within Iskandar links all the new development zones. Earlier news reports had the KTM rail system connecting at Medini and linking back to Singapore at Tuas MRT station. Keep an eye on when that’s going to happen. That move will make the Nusajaya area a quick ride into Singapore. Download theIskandar Malaysia Transit Plan for more details.

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