Special offer for new Paragon Residences at Danga Bay

Good Latest News on Paragon Residences:

* $1000 cash return * on top of developer’s 10% rebate if you book Paragon Residence via my specific Hutton’s partner. This is a special personal arrangement based on smart trust.
Tower B ‘s available units for immediate S$5000 booking before developer increases the price, pending Tower A launch in Aug 2102:
764 sq ft
#13-06 RM 596K,
#13A-06 RM604K,
#15-06 RM613K
732 sq ft
#21-07 RM640K,
#22-07 RM 649K.
753 sq ft
#13-03A RM579K
#13A-03A RM587K
#15-03A RM604K

All these units face Danga Bay.

Eg. #13-06 RM 596K after rebate, its net RM536K minus S$1000 cash return. Additional expenses are State Consent RM11K and Loan legal/stamp duty 0.5% of loan amount.
Cash outlays assuming 80% loan: RM 53.6K + 11K + 3K = RM67,600 or about S$26900 only.

All Units come with air cons, wardrobes and kitchen cabinets, like typical Singapore’s condo. Just buy basic furnitures, lightnings and curtains to move in or rent out.

Please visit www.paragonresidences.com.my to see the units layout.

Message or call me at 97912988 if you are keen to book the above remaining units individually or as a team if there are enough interests for us to form a Service Apartments lease agreement ourselves.

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