Posting by Joan Oliva Bosch

The only government authority responsible for planning and regulating rail projects in Malaysia is SPAD (Land Public Transport Commission)

So far, in Johor, the only project approved is the RTS link between Woodlands and JB City.The engineering study has already been tendered by SPAD and LTA (Singapore counterpart) and awarded to a USA company (AECOM)

However, both the Johor State authorities and IRDA are comming up with proposal, brainstorming, blueprints for the public transport needs in Johor. These are merely ideas, which need to go through SPAD for their consideration.

Now, have SPAD heard any news? Please read the below:

SPAD have yet to receive any news!!

Why you need SPAD? The answer: any rail project is capital intensive, and the funds must come from federal government as 90% of the tax revenue is collected by federal government in Malaysia. No money no talk.

Chang, the idea of IRDA and Johor State is to create a loop between Singapore and Johore, like a circle line:

The Singapore part will be North South line from Woodlands to Jurong East plus the East West Line from Jurong East to Tuas Link. (opening in 2016)

The Johor Part will be from Woodland Mrt to JB City (RTS Link already awarderd), plus a new line that will go from JB City, to Lido Boulevard/Danga Bay, from there will follow the coastal highway all the way to Medini (with intermediate stops of course) and will pass through the Malaysia checkpoint at Second Link (Gerbang Nusajaya) to joint Tuas Link MRT in Singapore.

Besides this circle line, IRDA blueprint (it can be found on IRDA website) they intend to serve the Tebrau & Skudai corridor.

I wish the news provided by the editor were true, as I am so much vested in Nusajaya, however, no matter how much I wish it, I need to be down to earth.. and the reality is that the Medini LRT is just a map, a drawing which has not even submitted to the relevant authorities.

Chances to be completed by 2018, NIL.

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