More Singaporeans buying Johor homes

A growing number of Singaporeans are buying homes in Johor despite news of them being victims of crimes in the area.

According to the Johor-Singapore Community Care Association (JSCA), about 5,000 Singaporeans own homes in Johor.

“I see more Singaporeans buying houses in Johor Baru compared to five years ago,” said Anuar Mohd Saad, Sales Manager at Broswell Property Consultant.

“Previously, many Singaporeans were not keen to buy homes in Johor Baru because of the perceived crime situation and property resale value,” he added.

Meanwhile, Singaporean families are choosing to live in estates like Horizon Hills, Ledang Heights and East Ledang, all located within Nusajaya. Prices range from RM500,000 (S$198,900) for a terrace house to RM1 million (S$397,800) for a semi-detached home.

“These prices are attractive because those earning middle-class incomes can afford landed properties,” said Anuar.

According to Charmian Chelvam, Sales Manager at DTZ, the fact that estates in Nusajaya are just 20 minutes from the Tuas checkpoint is what attracts Singaporeans to buying a house there.

“The quality of the houses are good and the security systems are sufficiently effective, and because of this, more Singaporeans are looking to buy property in the area,” she said.

Interestingly, Singaporeans living in Johor formed the JSCA. Headed by Wan Hussin Zoohri, a former People’s Action Party Member of Parliament, the association plans to organise social events for its members and support them in case of emergencies.

“Many of the Singaporeans living in Johor are happy where they are. They also know that crime, while unexpected, is also not rampant,” said Wan Hussin.

“One of our objectives, however, is to act as a voice, to speak to the authorities there whenever there are security concerns.”

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